Your baby knows you better by your smell than anything else.   A newborn’s sense of smell is mature at the time of birth. Those little noses immediately begin taking in smells around them and they know their mother by her smell.

Researchers have found babies are able to recognize the smell of their mother’s milk over another’s milk. Studies also show that a baby learns the chemical makeup of her mother’s pheromones in the womb and is already familiar with her smell at the time of birth.

Your distinctive scent can soothe your baby. The smell of their mother makes babies happy and babies are calmer when they know their mother is nearby.  Babies will often fall asleep better and stay asleep when they can smell the familiar scent of their mother as they drift to dreamland.vinbaby1

Your piqueaboobaby nursing scarf is the perfect thing to place with your baby while she sleeps. If you have been wearing it as a stylin’ infinity scarf, it will have your unique scent that your baby loves so much.  Even if baby doesn’t want to sleep, giving the baby the scarf to hold can comfort the little one.

The other evening, we were at a dinner party and my four month old son had been nursed and changed but still wanted attention. I wanted to eat dinner with the group, so I put him in his car seat and put my piqueaboobaby scarf over him as a blanket.  He happily played with it and put it in his mouth while cooing in delight for over 20 minutes!

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